About Us

Internet of Things – Connecting everything.

About Us

Developing smart IoT Services for the new age customer!

Electronic design / Smart city device OEM

Ahoy Systems is an electronic design house and OEM for several smart city devices. We use our proprietary electronic hardware and software platform to drive efficiency for our customers.

LoRaWAN / LPWAN consulting to Telecom operators

Ahoy systems is also a market leading consultant for telecom companies for LoRa / LoRaWAN technologies. Our telecom team assists telecom operators, upgrade their existing infrastructure to be able to offer LoRaWAN networks in weeks !!

LoRaWAN consulting to OEMs

If you are a manufacturer of devices that you beleive need a technology upgrade to be able to compete in smart city space. Please reach out to us and our staff will be happy to consult with you and add LPWAN capability to your products. We also assist in certifying your products so they can compete with global brands.

Smart e-surveillance systems

Rapid growth of physical stores/outlets also increases the risk of poor process compliance and security. Our solutions ensure pro-active tracking of activity at geographically distributed outlets under a single integrated platform.

Our flagship IoT platform – WR600 is a hardware/software solution that uses computer vision and input from sensors installed at a site to identify activites and segregate them as normal or anomalies.


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